• Verify that your order number matches your job description before you continue
  • You are required to upload 1 file per sort ordered, unless otherwise stated
  • Check our Artwork Guide for how to supply your artwork correctly

Need assistance? Call our PrePress team direct on 028 9531 3341 - opt 4 If any problems occur during artwork upload, the artwork can be emailed to orders@whitepixels.net

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Check before uploading your artwork
  • I have not placed text closer than 3mm to the edge of the page.
  • I have not supplied the front and back pages side by side on a single PDF.
  • I have checked to ensure there is a 3mm bleed where required.
  • I have checked to ensure the orientation of the artwork is correct.
  • I have checked to ensure there is no critical text which lies outside the printing area, as this will be cutoff during finishing.

Please ensure your artwork is correct, as any errors in your artwork will cause a delay in processing your job, and will result in an extra charge if the artwork needs changing once your job status has been updated to proofs approved.

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